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JITC provides clients with a complete and holistic approach to trade with China. Based in Yiwu city in the heart of China, and with a professional multilingual team, we aim to procure the best of the best for a range of products and machinery.

Our Expertise

With over 10 years experience trading in China, we have developed efficient channels to deal with the finest manufacturers and suppliers in the market, guaranteeing the best prices and the highest of quality.

Our Commitment to Results

Our target is to provide superior quality goods and services, therefore strict step by step inspections and continuous quality control methods are vigorously implemented by our team.

Our Philosophy

Trust and transparency. Whether it's from the ground up brand building or bulk orders, we aim to provide our clients with the utmost details and documentations to ensure every single detail is as required.

Our Experience

Every project, big or small, is dealt with according to individual requirements, however the end result is always the same, and that is complete client satisfaction. 

Our Notable Clients

TravelKit - JO

Amazing Tobacco - JO

Romman Tobacco - U.S.A

Smart Light Solutions - JO

The Box - SA

Eritrean Corporation - U.S.A

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